Interview on RadioSapienza

Open Mic Rome Interview on Radio Sapienza

After the interview last week on the radio station Dimensione Suono Roma, we’ve been invited to join the radio station that serves the biggest European university, RadioSapienza! It was a fun interview which you can re-listen to soon once their podcast becomes availble.

Topics included:

  1. What is the Open Mic
  2. Who are the artists who come to the Open Mic
  3. We talked about the differences in culture when it comes to discovering new artists and the difficulties for young artists to find a showcase
  4. The advantages for Italian artists to improve their English by meeting International artists

You can listen to the interview in this podcast (starting at 1:15:30): http://www.radiosapienza.net/2013/2013-06-21-10-14-52/on-air/post-it/post-it-eventi/1808-post-it-eventi-venerdi-27-giugno.html

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