Open Vibe Podcast Episode 1: “Even priests like music”

Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present our first podcast. We named it “Open Vibe”. We’ll try to publish one every week, so that you’ll have a great Sunday morning breakfast with: COFFEE + CORNETTO + OPEN VIBE PODCAST.

Overview Episode 1:

Special guest and the original founder of the Open Mic in Rome, Paul Staunton, shares some memories of how the first days of the Open Mic were back in 2006 with Sal, who ran the Open Mic for the last 8 years. Other topics include the death and influence of David Bowie, strategies to write songs and organize them, as well as their personal rituals and habits before stepping on stage.

This podcast features the live performances of the following artists, recorded in various venues during the Open Mic events last week:

The Ocelots: www.facebook.com/TheOcelotsBandIreland/

Selki: soundcloud.com/selkimusic

Alessandro Gregori: soundcloud.com/venusdelight

Oliver Manning: soundcloud.com/theblueberrygrindhouse

David Adam, Tomasz Wozniak.

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