Open Mic Rome

Bringing international artists together in Rome, Italy since 2006

What is an open mic?

In it’s very essence, it’s simply a microphone and a stage, that allows you, the artist, to try new stuff or promote your material, in front of an audience.

An Open Mic can happen anywhere, from a local coffee shop to a live music venue with big stage.

You can also join us online! Just join our Discord server on the right 👉🏽

Music, comedy, poetry

Our Open Mic is open to any art form, whether you’re a travelling musician, stand-up comedian, poet, or a new kind of artist we don’t even know yet exists.


Currently we provide a guitar, mic and a mixer. If you bring your own instruments, you can plug into the PA system. Acoustic sets only (no amps).

Time to shine

Every musician gets 2 songs to perform, every standup comedian 5 minutes.
No signup needed, just show up.

Open Mics in rome 2022

While we aren’t currently organizing any official “Open Mic Rome” events, we are happy to give other Open Mics in Rome some visibility.

Below if a list of all Open Mics we are aware of. You’re free to let us know about other Open Mics in Rome, Italy (Music, Standup, Mixed or anything new that comes up) by using the form below. It can take up to 48 hours for events to be approved.

Note: you can click on any of the cards below to see more information about each Open Mic.

Keeping things fresh

We encourage artists to perform original songs (however, we do allow covers) and we do not allow regulars to perform the same songs twice within a month.

Building a community

We encourage artists to get to know each other and exchange ideas, projects and contacts.

Great acts

Sometimes we organise a headlining artist, to bring you new, high-quality music and to help artists from abroad to perform in Italy.

Try it yourself!

Try new material

Get to know new people

promote your new projects

There are many reasons to go to an Open Mic. Some like to improve their stage presence. Others like to meet new people. Some may want to improve their English or Italian skills. Some simply want to enjoy the many performances. Whatever your reason, come join us.*

Join us!


Currently there are no events due to COVID-19.


*Currently we aren’t organizing any events

This period has hit many venues hard, and some of our favorite places had to shut their doors forever.

Also, Open Mic Rome has also always been a side project of ours and we all have jobs and other projects we’re working on right now.

Should we organize new events, we will publish them here.


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